The date of establishment of the Training Center is September 30, 1991, when the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Latvia issued a license to SIA “Riman” for five years for the establishment and operation of the Training Center “Tekstilnieks” in Riga. 153 students started their studies at the training center after the liquidation of the production company’s “Rīgas Manufaktūra” professional technical school “Tekstilnieks” on November 1, 1991. Students of the training center “Tekstilnieks” could acquire the following professions:

  • spinner
  • weaver
  • weaver-spinner
  • repair-locksmith
  • painting device master assistant
  • electrician
  • gas-electric welder

The internship took place in the manufacturing associations “Riga manufactory”, factories “Kokvilna”, “Sarkanā tekstilniece”, “Zasulauka manufaktūra”, Riga knitwear production association “Sarkanais rīts”, production associations “Rīgas tekstils” and factory “Tekstiliāna”.

On August 22, 1995, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia issued a five-year license extension to SIA “Riman” for the right to study in a vocational school and then changed the name of the Training Center “Tekstilnieks” to the Training Center “RIMAN” (abbreviation of the words “Riga Manufactory”).

Between 1995 and 2006, students at the RIMAN Training Center were educated in the following professions:

  • cook
  • confectioner
  • bartender-waiter
  • sewer
  • retail store seller
  • audiovisual equipment mechanic
  • hairdresser
  • make-up artist
  • nail care specialist
  • accountant
  • computer mechanic
  • auto electrician

Since 2007, the Training Center has implemented professional secondary, vocational and further education programs and offered professions such as:

  • catering specialist
  • restaurant services specialist
  • cook
  • confectioner
  • hotel services specialist
  • hairdresser
  • hairstylist
  • makeup artist
  • computer system technician
  • auto electrician


On March 10, 2011, Training center “RIMAN” changed its name to Vocational Secondary School “RIMAN” according to the status of the educational programs being implemented.
RIMAN is now 28 years old. By this time, several thousands of young people have graduated this private institution and have gained a profession in the catering, hotel and restaurant, beauty, computer technology and automotive repair and diagnostics industries.

Vocational Secondary School “RIMAN” can acquire current topical professions, which are demanded not only in Latvia, but also in other European countries. You are welcomed to Vocational Secondary School “RIMAN”, if you are graduate of the 9th or 12th grade, as well as if you already have life and professional experience and if you have decided to change your profession or to acquire new competencies!